Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays World become small in a system called Internet. So we provide a platform from where you can be able to publish your business in front of world through “”. You don’t need to market physically; instead of that virtually we take some responsibility to put up your business for your customer.
Anyone can enlist their business totally free of cost. Yes we really mean it. “” does not charge anything for registering your business. It is absolutely free. But if you take any of the plan of us then we can take responsibility to promote your busyiness. You can get full information about our plan from our site
There are two kinds of users for “”. They are – one is who enlisted their business and others who are accessing the business information from here. But one important thing is that who are enlisting their business they need to register here but for viewer’s registration is not needed.
Although you have your own website but still “” can play an important role for you. At first we create a public interface for your business and secondly it can be redirected to your website depending upon customer’s desire.
Click the “Register” button at the top of the page, and follow the steps to add your business information to “”.
There are 3 type of criteria by which you can search for your desire business, i.e. search by Business name, City/Area, Business type. You can put your desire business name at their respective search place and by clicking on search button; you will be able to find your business name.
If you have multiple business then you can simply add them using “Register New Business” button at Business Info page for several times as you need.
Nowadays people are very much focused on social media for any purpose. Thus if you enlist your business on some of the popular social media link like Face book, YouTube, Twitter then people will be easily able to connect to your business with their own connection at respective social media.
When you enlisting your business on “” then they will create a separate page of your business. So by the link with your profile name you will be able to find out your business identically in this site. Your total business information along with map, contact details business details and images will be place there at your own Tradesights page.
When you will be appear in our “Edit Business” and “Social Settings” pages, you will be able to find some fields from where we need information from you. Although there are some required fields thus if you put your information in all the fields then your customer will be able to find all the necessary information regarding your business.