Terms & Conditions

TradeSights is a business listing website which is absolutely free at present. It gives the opportunity to the user to list their business online and maximize their business.

Please Read all the terms and conditions before registration.

Marketing and Promotion

By clicking on the terms and conditions box, you are giving us the authority to promote your business on tradesights.com. Also, you are giving the authority to tradesights.com that, tradesights.com can use your contact (E-mail, Phone Numbers) and business information to promote your or TradeSights’s own business. Tradesights has the full authority to use and share your business information with any social media or any online platform.

It’s not confirming that after listing your business Tradesights will start to promote your business online. Tradesights can stop your business promotion at any stage after registration.

Tradesights.com offers an online platform for free business listing and promotes any business. Tradesights.com helps the user to advertise their business in a more arranging way. But Tradesights is not taking any guarantee to increase user’s business. Tradesights helps to list business online but for business increment, the user is responsible.

Contact Information

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are giving the permission to Tradesights that, tradesights.com can contact you at any time through email or phone. You are also confirming that Tradesights can communicate with you via social media at any time.

TradeSights or tradesights.com is not responsible for any wrong contact or business information updated by any user. Tradesights.com is only an online advertising platform. This website is not responsible for any fraud business or business information.

Service Termination

If Tradesights found any wrong or fraud information in any user’s account (may be a premium user or a free user) then Tradesights has the full authority to remove that user’s account permanently from the website. Tradesights is not responsible for giving any explanation for removing any account information from the website.

If any fraud case found against any business which is listed with tradesights.com then TradeSights has the full authority to remove the business details from the website without any notice or explanations.

Users Review & Charges

By using tradesights.com, any user can give comment against any business. For any negative review or comment, tradesights.com is not responsible. If any user gives review contained with spam words then Tradesights STRICTLY remove that user’s account permanently.

TradeSights has the both options for every user. The user can use the free service for the life time or can use the premium services for extra facilities. In both conditions, tradesights.com is committed to providing all mentioned services on the website according to the user’s package.

All above-mentioned terms and conditions may change on any stage without any information.